Family Glaze Pack

Family Glaze Pack

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Regular pottery painter, or embarking on a big project? This is a great way to begin your glaze stash with a £5 saving compared to if these glazes were purchased separately.

We dip every item of pottery into clear glaze before firing, so you only need to paint on the coloured parts of your design (you don't need to paint the background white unless you want your pottery brilliant white!) and the colours are intermixable to create new colours. 

These glazes are non-toxic, food safe and once fired, permanent and dinnerware safe.

Have glazes left over from a previous Top of the Pots @ Home project? Feel free to use them too! 



  • 1x Red 2oz glaze 
  • 1x Yellow 2oz glaze 
  • 1x Blue 2oz glaze
  • 1x White 2oz glaze
  • 1x Black 2oz glaze

*All photos for illustrative purposes only. We regret we can only fire items of pottery sourced from us and painted in glaze sourced from us. Please DO NOT use any other medium (posca pens, acrylic paints, sharpie etc. on items to be fired as these can have an adverse reaction with our clear glaze, rectifying any issues caused by use of non-recommended products will be at your own cost.